Blog Post 25-Women of The World Part 1-European Women, What Makes Them Great….

God Created women to be amazing. See yourself as amazing. In this series of blog posts, we will discuss why women of different cultures are amazing, unique, and beautiful.

How often have you fallen short of perfection and let the frustration make you feel make inadequate?

How many times have you compared yourself with other women and felt badly about yourself?

How frequently have you wondered whether you really have what it takes to fulfill your ultimate purposes for your life, or even just to survive in this fallen world that’s full of disappointment?

If you’re like many women, you’ve likely felt that way plenty of times, but from God’s perspective, even once is too much.

Its time to live, take the benefits in this blog post and improve your life.

In this improvement process, you’ll learn to embrace who you are, so you can become the greatest you.

Let’s celebrate European women…

Here are a few reasons why European women are great!

  1. Education

European women are very educated. Education in Europe, from college on, is a much more affordable thing than in the United States. Any girl in Europe can get educated almost for nothing, and they rarely miss their chance. Many European woman speaks several languages, they are also well read and cultured. European women are well-versed in the history of their countries and can put historic factoids in the bigger context.

  1. The way they dress

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Many European women opt to dress like a lady. If you stroll around the streets of Paris, London, Amsterdam, or Rome, you see that every local woman, no matter what age she is, does her best to dress in the most elegant and classy fashion. Many European women try to dress nicely just to walk to a nearby grocery store around the corner.

  1. European women are mature

European women grow up fast. Already in their late teens, they are taking every occasion in their life seriously. They are as responsible as men are. A In Eastern Europe, many women in their mid-20s have achieved many things in their life. Some have well-paying jobs, a car, even their own apartment at times. In Europe, there is a segment of women who are serious in what they want out of life. They are ready to raise a family and have kids at much earlier age.

  1. Marriage is a serious matter

In most countries in Europe women view marriage as a gravely serious matter. For British woman a marriage is an institution that is of utmost importance, a pinnacle of their lives, due to a long prevailing tradition of puritanism. For German women the marriage is the basis for the striving benefits for the whole family.

  1. Being feminine is good

European women are not shy to be feminine, as they feel much more secure in the cultured European cities and calm European country sides. European women love to be what they are, and their femininity is expressed in the numerous ways.European femininity is natural and beautiful.

  1. They are very uniform in looks

In Europe, it was very rare to see a very gorgeous girl or a very ugly girl. There are exceptions, it’s very rare that you see an absolute knockout walking around . Women are more uniform in their looks. They will be wearing nice high heels, a beautiful top, and perhaps a nice skirt (depending on the season). Most are all uniformly feminine and many have beautiful long hair.

  1. European women are more straightforward in relationships


In Europe, things are easier. There’s no script. Things are much less rigid. Generally, it’s because the communication between the sexes in Europe is much more straightforward. European Women find it appealing that a man is attracted to them; it’s a validation of their attraction. I believe it’s because European women are inherently more secure about what’s expected of them by society and what’s not.

  1. They fuss less

Many European women fuss less over their hair, makeup or jewelry. Keeping their day-to-day look simple is the best way to always look great. Many wear their hair in its natural style to make less work, or do simple better, slicked back ponytail or bun. They keep their jewelry simple and versatile enough to wear with all their outfits. They use less makeup products to they keep their look basic, so it becomes an easy part of their daily routine.

  1. They enjoy the moment

European women take their time and enjoy the moments of life. They sit down to eat your meals. They dine outside when they can, they enjoy their surroundings. They take an interest in people watching. They order a glass of wine and don’t let anyone rush them. They are in a culture where they don’t feel that they need to be constantly busy. Europeans understand that It’s a healthy habit to find some time to relax and do nothing.

I hope this blog has enlightened and educated you to the greatness and beauty of European women. I hope it made you smile. Our next blog post will cover the greatness of Pacific Rim Women.


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