Blog Post 43-“Tune in 2 You” Weekly Sunday Conference Calls….

“Tune in 2 You” Weekly Conference Calls (Group Service)

-This is a paid service exclusively for members.

-These calls will be held on Sunday nights.

-This call will be held at: 6:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm EST.

– I will promote and list each topic at:  on Thursdays by 7:00 pm PST /10:00 pm EST.

– My conference call topics will educate and empower females.

-These weekly calls will help my members to expand their thinking.

-The call will be 75-minutes in length.

-I will provide my opinion and facts for the first 30-minutes.

-I will ask the participating members their opinions for 30-minutes.

-The last 15-minutes will be used for promoting up and coming events.

-This is a female only call.

-My call goal is to recenter our souls, to recharge our minds through positive encouragement.  I value the incredible opportunity to make a positive difference in female’s lives.

Question: What is the purpose of the “Tune in 2 You” weekly conference call?  

Answer: My weekly “Tune in 2 You” Sunday night conference calls are designed to recharge, recenter, and reshape my member’s minds and spirit.

Question: What topics do you cover on the “Tune in 2 You” weekly conference call?  

Answer: These calls will address relevant female topics. Conference call topics will include self-development, relationships, career development, entrepreneurship, physical health and emotional health.

Question: Who is your target audience? 

Answer: My target audience are open-minded mature females.  The best audience are females who are open to improving themselves. This call will be screened by age and topic.

Question: Why did you schedule the “Tune in 2 You” conference calls on Sunday nights? 

Answer: Sunday night is a great night because it’s the beginning of your week.  The average person will tell you that they don’t love Sunday evenings.   This call is designed to uplift you. Start your week off  by being part of a conference call that will include a  community of exceptional females. This call will help you recharge, re-center and renew your attitude and focus.

Paid Service 1 / “Tune in 2 You” Conference Call

-The annual cost is based on the date you sign up for the service. This annual cost allows you to attend every Sunday conference call for the calendar year.  



-September -December-$25.00

Please Note: These annual subscriptions run until December 31st.  The memberships are pro-rated based on the date the subscriber joins. This is an annual renewable service.


Here’s How Americans Feel on Sunday Night?

In fact, a whopping 76% of American workers say they get the Sunday-night blues, according to a 2015 Monster survey.

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