Blog 58-Mashed Potatoes-A Mommy Menu Favorite Side Dish!

How To Create Creamy & Delicious Mashed Potatoes…

An Internet Food Poll done by: listed American’s Favorite Holiday Side Dishes.

Here are the Top-5 Favorites…

#1- Country mashed potatoes

#2-Thanksgiving Turkey stuffing

#3-Garlic parmesan brown butter mashed potatoes

#4-Homemade pan turkey gravy

#5-Sweet potato casserole with marshmallow pecan streusel


Isn’t it ironic that two of the top five favorite side dishes were potatoes dishes?

Americans love mashed potatoes because they are warm, comforting, filling and they taste great!

After researching I have found a Huffington Post poll that listed American’s favorite five potatoes brands.

Please use this list to purchase the best potatoes brand for your homemade mashed potatoes.

#1-Yukon Gold — All Purpose.

#2-Purple Peruvian — All Purpose. …

#3-Idaho Russet — Starchy. …

#4-Katahdin — Starchy. …

#5-Red Bliss — Waxy. ..



1. Yukon Gold

2. Idaho Russet

Personally, I have had the most success using these two brands. They have always turned out delicious!


WARNING:  Choosing the right potato brand for making mashed potatoes is key.

I personally avoid waxy brands like Red Bliss (#5) and fingerling (skinny potatoes) when making homemade mashed potatoes.

These varieties have a low starch content. These low starch potatoes don’t break down as well as the higher quality potato.

Another issue I found with these lower quality potatoes is that they don’t absorb dairy as well.

AVOID RED: Red potatoes are not the best choice if your goal is to end up with fluffy and delicious mashed potatoes.

If you want a rustic thick-and-chunky mashed potato dish, red potatoes are a great potato choice!

-In my experience the higher starch potatoes are the very best choice for making the fluffiest, smoothest mashed potatoes.




-3-5 lbs. of a high-quality potato brand

-1/2 cup. half & half

-1/8 cup of whole milk

-1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of butter

-Add salt and pepper for your preferred taste



-Peel potatoes whole (do not cut). When the potatoes are cool peel the skin off the potatoes.

-Place potatoes in a large stockpot and cover with cold water.

-Add salt (about 1-2 tsp.) and bring potatoes to a boil.

-Allow the potatoes to boil for about 20-25 minutes


-Until the potatoes fall apart when poked with a fork.

(Which Ever Comes First)

-Combine milk and butter in a microwave safe bowl.

-Place bowl in the microwave for about 40 seconds or until butter is melted.

(This guarantees that the added milk doesn’t cool off your potatoes).

-Drain the potatoes

-The next step is to mash your potatoes, these are your options.

-The Best Option: The Food Mill

-Another Option: Potato Masher

-If you use a stand mixer or a hand beater with attachments, keep the beaters at a very low speed.

Don’t over mix the potatoes.

-CAUTION: Using a high speed setting will usually create very gluey mashed potatoes.

-When you add milk/butter to the mashed potatoes pour it slowly until you reach your desired consistency.

-A LITTLE MIXING TIP: If you add more milk the mashed potatoes will become thinner in consistency.

-SERVING TIP: If you are not going to serve right away keep potatoes warm in an oven at 300 degrees. Keep it in a oven safe dish that is covered.



-It’s important to get the excess water off the cooked potatoes.

-Getting rid of the excess moisture will guarantee that your potatoes will not end up soggy!

-If you notice extra water after draining your potatoes, dry them out.

-You can dry them out by putting the potatoes back in the pot by turning the burner on low. This will get rid of the extra water.

-Make sure the butter and cream don’t come directly from the refrigerator.

-My cooking process is  gently heating the butter and cream on the stove top or Microwave.


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